Thomas Venard Lyons, Jr. (Miamisburg, OH)

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T. V. Lyons, Jr., circa 1925

Thomas Venard Lyons, Jr. (August 8, 1869 – March 22, 1932) was President of the First National Bank of Miamisburg, a mayor of Miamisburg and a director at several other Miamisburg businesses. During the flood of 1913, in which the city of Miamisburg was devastated, he was appointed by the governor to coordinate the relief efforts.


Early life and family

Lyons married Ida M. Gamble on November 14, 1895.[1]

Banking career

Around 1893, Lyons was appointed messenger of Citizen’s National Bank (Miamisburg) and later advanced to bookkeeper and ultimately cashier of that institution.[2]

Other career highlights

In 1894, Lyons was listed as a member of the Dayton Board of Underwriters.[3]

As mayor of Miamisburg, Lyons handling of the 1913 flood, which devastated the city, was widely recognized. A statement from Lyons was printed as far away as Charlotte, NC. [4] Lyons signed a resolution sent to Mayor Hunt of Cincinnati thanking the city for its assistance. [5]

In 1925, Lyons was appointed a member of the building commission for the Montgomery County Children's Home by the county judges of common pleas. [6]

As Chairman of the Miamisburg Red Cross, he coordinated efforts in 1927 for the city to supply flood relief to those in the Mississippi valley. [7]

Later life and death

After a reported illness of five and a half weeks, Lyons collapsed at his desk and later died at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton. Both the son, Thomas G. Lyons[8] and grandson, W. Terry Lyons[9] of Thomas V. Lyons, Jr later served in leadership positions in the First National Bank of Miamisburg.

Lyons death was recognized in an obituary published in the New York Times [10], unusual for Ohio bankers.

Bank Officer Summary

During his banking career, Banker Name was involved with the following bank(s): [11]

  • Citizen's National Bank Miamisburg, OH (Charter 4822): Cashier 1895 - 1903

1929-T1 $10 note signed by Charles F. Eck, Cashier and T. V. Lyons, President.