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Featured Bank Note: Original Series $20 bank note issued by Fourth National Bank of Nashville, TN, with pen signatures of John Porterfield, Cashier and James Whitworth, President. Courtesy of Heritage Auctions, www.HA.com

The Tennessee Bank Note History home page consolidates historical information on the National/Obsolete Banks, Bankers and Banking History of Tennessee. It also highlights What's New, along with some Famous Tennessee Banks & Bankers, and lists helpful Research Resources.

Tennessee County home pages

County Bank Note History home pages provide information on the Banks, Bankers and Bank Notes for that county during the National Bank Note Era (1863-1935), and also the Obsolete Bank Note Era (1782-1866) (if applicable for that county). All of the county's National & Obsolete Banks are listed with links to their Bank History pages. Prominent Bankers are also listed with links to their Banker Bio pages. Several Bank Notes are featured, as well as bank postcards and other bank related ephemera.

If you have a local County Historical Society/Museum, they may be interested in adding a link on their website to their County's Bank Note History home page in our wiki.

What's New in Tennessee Bank Note History

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Tennessee National Bank Stats & Graphs

  • # Issuing Banks: 196
  • # Non-Issuing Banks: 9
  • # Small Size Issuers: 105
  • # Territorial Banks: 0
  • # Towns with Issuing Banks: 92
  • # Counties with Issuing Banks: 68
  • NBN Geo. Letter: S
  • State Capital: Nashville
  • Statehood Date: Jun 1, 1796
  • Tennessee National Bank Graphs & Lists
    • # of National Banks Chartered By Year
    • # of National Bank Failures (Receivership) By Year
    • # of National Bank Closures (Receivership/Liquidation/Closed) By Year
    • # of National Banks In Operation By Year
    • List of 40 National Banks with Lowest # of Notes Issued

Famous Tennessee Banks & Bankers

Tennessee Bank Histories Index

The Bank Histories are organized alphabetically by Town, then by Bank Open Date. To find the Tennessee Bank you are looking for, select from the following Index list. You can also search the entire wiki for the Bank's town name or charter number using the Search Box in the upper right corner.

Tennessee Banker Biographies Index

The Banker Bios are organized alphabetically by Last Name. To find the Tennessee Banker you are looking for, select from the following Index list. For an Index list of all Banker Bios for all States, use the Banker Biographies sidebar link. You can also search the entire wiki for the Banker's last name using the Search Box in the upper right corner.

Tennessee Counties Index

This index lists Tennessee counties that had towns with National or Obsolete Banks (1782-1935).

Tennessee Towns Index

This index lists Tennessee towns that had National or Obsolete Banks (1782-1935).

TN Obsolete to National Bank Conversions

No Tennessee Obsolete Banks converted to National Banks.

Tennessee Banking History

(This could be a brief overview here, for TN Banking History, covering both the Obsolete and National Bank Note Eras. Or probably better to link to an article in 'Other Articles').

Wiki Links

Tennessee Research Resources

  • Dennis Schafluetzel and Tom Carson, Tennessee Obsolete Paper Money 1800–1959 (Self-published, 2020).
  • The Higgins Museum in Okoboji, IA has a Currency Related Research Library, as well as major collections of Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota and Nebraska National Bank Notes on display.
  • Don C. Kelly, National Bank Notes, A Guide with Prices. 6th Edition (Oxford, OH: The Paper Money Institute, 2008).
  • Dean Oakes and John Hickman, Standard Catalog of National Bank Notes. 2nd Edition (Iola, WI: Krause Publications, 1990).
  • The National Bank Note Census, nbncensus.com
  • OCC Annual Reports 1863-1935 (U.S. Treasury Dept: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency).
(The OCC Annual Reports are available online at the Currency Club of Chester County (PA) website).
  • The Bankers Magazine 1846-1922 (New York: various publishers over the years).
(The Bankers Magazine volumes are available online at the Currency Club of Chester County (PA) website).
  • Rand McNally Banker's Directories 1879-1935 (Chicago: Rand McNally & Company).
  • Polk's Banker's Encyclopedias 1895-1935 (Detroit and New York: Polk Bankers Encyclopedia Co.).
  • James A. Haxby, United States Obsolete Bank Notes 1782-1866 (4 volumes) (Iola, WI: Krause Publications, 1988).
  • Paper Money Journal, 1962-present (Published by the Society of Paper Money Collectors, spmc.org). Many articles over the years about the history of National & Obsolete Banks and Bankers. An archive of all back issues with search capabilities is online for SPMC members at spmc.org.
  • FDIC, Bank Find History website. https://research2.fdic.gov/bankfind/index.html
  • Tennessee State Historical Society website, https://tennesseehistory.org/
  • Tennessee State Legislators - Past & Present website, https://sos.tn.gov/products/tsla/members-tennessee-general-assembly-1794-2010
  • Ancestry.com, Findagrave.com, Newspapers.com