How to Edit a wiki page

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How to Edit a Wiki page

  1. You must be logged into your wiki account to edit or add wiki pages.
  2. Click on the 'Edit' tab on the page you will be editing.
  3. This brings up the Edit page with the raw wiki text and markup showing in the 'Edit Zone', where you can make your changes to the text.
  4. You can use the Edit Tool Bar showing to the left just above the Edit Zone to insert a markup example of several of the edit options such as Bold, Italic, Internal Wiki Link and External Link.
  5. Before you Save your changes, you can/should press the 'Show Preview' button to make sure your changes display properly. If necessary, you can make more changes and then Preview again as needed.
  6. If you decide you want to cancel all of your current changes and start over with your Edit, press the 'Cancel' button.
  7. When everything looks Ok, press 'Save Changes', and your changes will be saved, and the new version of the wiki page will be displayed.
  8. Note: Before you Save your changes, there are 2 checkboxes above the 'Save Changes' button that you should be aware of, and set as you wish:
  • 'Watch this page'- If this option is checked, this page will be added to your 'Watchlist'. (See the Watchlist Email Notifications section on the Help page for further information on how the 'Watchlist' works.
  • 'This is a minor edit' - If you only made a minor change to this wiki page (ie corrected a misspelling or grammar error), you should check this option. If a page edit is flagged as a minor edit, any users that are 'Watching' this page will NOT be notified via email.

Editing Tips:

  • If you are doing a major edit of a wiki page, it's a good idea to do your editing one section at a time, and then Preview/Save the changes as you finish each section. Then, if you lose your internet connection, or decide you want to cancel and start over for a section, you would only lose your most recent changes.
  • Be sure to check the 'This is a minor edit' checkbox when relevant to avoid sending out unnecessary email notifications to users that are 'Watching' that page.

How to UnDo a (Saved) Edit

  1. If you need to UnDo your last (Saved) Edit of a wiki page, that is easy to do.
  2. You must be logged into your wiki account.
  3. On the wiki page with the edit to be undone, click on the 'View History' tab.
  4. That will bring up a list of the recent (Saved) Edits that have been made for this page, with the current and previous versions of this page selected for comparison.
  5. Press the 'Compare selected revisions' button to bring up a page highlighting the differences between the 2 selected revisions.
  6. On the right will be your latest revision. Near the top of the page, click on the 'UnDo' link for your latest revision. This will then bring up an Edit page showing the raw wiki text for the page with your latest changes UnDone.
  7. You can Preview the page to make sure it is correct (and make futher changes if necessary), and then 'Save Changes' to save and display the new version of the wiki page.