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Rochester (Olmsted County)

Royalton (Morrison County)

Ruthton (Pipestone County)

Saint James (Watonwan County)

Slayton (Murray County)

St. Charles (Winona County)

–> First National Bank (No Issue) (Charter 13973) (1934-1936+) (Open past 1935)

Starbuck (Pope County)

Stewartville (Olmsted County)

Wabasha (Wabasha County)

Woodstock (Pipestone County)

Winona (Winona County)

  • Winona County Bank (Haxby MN-205) (1858-1865) (Filed to Close on June 19, 1865)
  • Bank of Winona (2nd) (Haxby MN-200) (1863-1868) (Failed. Unknown if notes were printed for this bank)
  • Bank of Southern Minnesota (2nd) (Haxby MN-195) (1863-1864) (Converted to NB Charter 550)
–> First National Bank (Charter 550) (1864-1884) (Charter Expired/Liquidated/Succeeded by 3224)
–> National Bank / First National Bank (Charter 3224) (1884-1936+) (Open past 1935)