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This postcard depicts the third Potters National Bank building in use after 1924.

The Potters National Bank of East Liverpool, OH (1881 - 1931) was one of the most successful banks in East Liverpool and primarily serviced the pottery manufacturers that were the basis of the East Liverpool economy. Although it technically liquidated in 1931 when it merged with Dollar Savings Bank and the succeeding institution did not retain national bank status it viewed itself as the same institution and continued to grow for decades afterward.

Early History

The third Potters National Bank building as it appeared on March 29, 2019.

The Bank's early history can be traced back to … (give a brief history of preceeding bank(s) here).

Bank History

This postcard depicts the second Potters National Bank building in use from 1901-1924. This building was razed in 1924 and the site was reused for the bank's third building.

(History of the bank up to 1935 here, with info on later final fate of the bank if available.)

(Show a nice banknote from this bank at the end of this section).

Bank Notes Issued

1929-T1 $5 note signed by Rollin W. Patterson, Cashier and William E. Wells, President.

A total of $4,197,780 in National Bank Notes was issued by this bank between 1881 and 1931. This consisted of a total of 748,260 notes (570,684 large size and 177,576 small size notes).

This bank issued the following Types and Denominations of bank notes:

Official Bank Title(s)

  • The Potters National Bank of
  • The Potters National Bank, (07/11/1921)
  • The Potters National Bank [1929]

Bank Presidents and Cashiers

First National Bank Presidents and Cashiers during the National Bank Note Era (1889 - 1935):


  • William Brunt, 1881 – 1908
  • W. W. Harker, 1909 – 1927
  • William Edwin Wells, 1928 - 1931


  • Farrand D. Kitchel, 1881 – 1898
  • Rollin Warren Patterson, 1899 - 1931

Other Bank Note Signers

  • There are currently no known Vice President or Assistant Cashier bank note signers for this bank.


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