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== References ==
== References ==
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From: Zanesville Times-Recorder May 15, 1928

Henry J. Knoedler (January 2, 1871 – February 1, 1948) was associated with the Citizens National Bank of Zanesville for over 50 years. He was also recognized as a "key man" [1] in a number of local organizations including many Masonic orders, the Rotary Club, Knights Templar, the Zanesville Chamber of Commerce, and the water soil commission.


Early life and family

Henry J. Knoedler was born January 2, 1871 in Zanesville, OH to Henry C. and Magdalene Knoedler. His father was a shoemaker and merchant from Germany and his mother was a native of the United States.[2]Knoedler attended the Zanesville public schools and later the Parsons Commercial Business College.[3] [4]

Initially following in his father's footsteps, Knoedler began his career at the Knoedler and Zinsmeister Shoe store and 3 years later was associated with the Knoedler Brothers Shoe company. He quickly left the shoe business to work for the postal service working his way up from substitute letter carrier to general clerk and finally assistant postmaster, all before the age of 20.[5][6]

Banking career

In May, 1891 Knoedler joined the Old Citizens National Bank as a general bookkeeper and later also held messenger duties. Knoedler was promoted to assistant cashier in 1905.[7]

After H. A. Sharpe was promoted from vice president and cashier to president, Knoedler was promoted to cashier in January, 1927.[8] A year later, Knoedler would join the board of directors following the death of H. C. Van Voorhis.[9]

Upon the death of H. A. Sharpe in 1928, Knoedler was elected President of the Old Citizens National Bank. In 1930, when the bank merged with several other banking institutions to form the BancOhio bank holding company, Knoedler was elected President of the combined entity. He held this office until 1947. At that time, W. D. Murphy took over as President and Knoedler became Chairman of the Board of directors of the Citizens National Bank. [10]

Other career highlights

Knoedler served the city of Zanesville as treasurer for 12 consecutive years in the early 1900s.[11]

In 1942, Knoedler was bestowed the 33rd degree of the Masonic Order in Boston, MA.

Knoelder was a member of the Rotary Club and treasurer of the Zanesville and Muskingum County Community Chest.

Knoedler was an officer of the Y.M.C.A. and trustee of the Abbot Home.

In outside business activities, Knoedler was a founder of White Rock Water Co. in 1906.[12] In 1929, he became a founding director of the Zane Toilet Seat Co. [13]

Later life and death

In December, 1944 Knoedler broke his hip in a fall outside the bank.[14] The accident incapacitated him for nearly a year. Plans for a 50th wedding anniversary reception in June, 1945 had to be canceled due to the poor health of both Knoedlers.[15] In July, 1945 he was reported critically ill. [16] Knoedler finally returned to his desk in November, 1945. [17] However, he would not make a full recovery and the incidents would ultimately lead to his death at home, where he had been confined for the 3 months prior to his death in 1948.[18]

Bank Officer Summary

During his banking career, Banker Name was involved with the following bank(s): [19]

1929-T1 $10 note signed by William D. Murphy, Cashier and Henry J. Knoedler, President. This note is from the second title.