Citizens National Bank, Grinnell, IA (Charter 7439)

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Post card of the Citizens National Bank building (far left) ca. 1909.

Citizens National Bank, Grinnell, IA (Chartered 1904 - Liquidated 1930)

Town History

Photo of the Citizens National Bank building in 2018.

Grinnell is located in Poweshiek County in central Iowa.

Grinnell was founded in 1854 by four men: Josiah B. Grinnell, a Congregationalist from Vermont; Homer Hamlin, a minister; Henry Hamilton, a surveyor; and Dr. Thomas Holyoke. The city was to be named "Stella," but J.B. Grinnell convinced the others to adopt his name, describing it as rare and concise. Grinnell was incorporated on April 28, 1865.

Grinnell was a stop on the Underground Railroad.

Grinnell was also a stop along the Mormon Trail.

Grinnell is home to Grinnell College, established in 1846. In 1889, Grinnell College and the University of Iowa played each other at Grinnell in the first football game played west of the Mississippi River

Grinnell was home to Spaulding Manufacturing. H.W. Spaulding began making carriages and spring wagons in Grinnell, Iowa in 1876. In 1909 the Spaulding Manufacturing Company added automobiles to its production line.

During the National Bank Note Era, the population of Grinnell was 1,482 in 1870, climbing greatly to 5,036 in 1910, and dropping slightly to 4,949 in 1930. It's highest population and current population is 9,320 (2018).

For more information on the town of Grinnell, see their Wikipedia page.

Bank History

  • Organized Sep 15, 1904
  • Chartered Oct 14, 1904
  • Liquidated Jul 31, 1930
  • Absorbed by 13473 (Poweshiek County NB, Grinnell, IA)
  • Receivership Sep 6, 1930

Official Bank Title(s)

1: The Citizens National Bank of Grinnell, IA

Bank Note Types Issued

1902 Red Seal $20 bank note with pen signatures of H. F. Lanphere, Cashier and H. W. Spaulding (of Spaulding Manufacturing fame), President. Courtesy of Rick Hickman
1929 Type 1 $10 bank note with engraved signatures of Carl E. Child, Cashier and John Goodfellow, President. Courtesy of Heritage Auctions,

A total of $448,750 in National Bank Notes was issued by this bank between 1904 and 1930. This consisted of a total of 36,074 notes (33,164 large size and 2,910 small size notes).

This bank issued the following Types and Denominations of bank notes:

Series/Type Sheet/Denoms Serial#s
1902 Red Seal 3x10-20 1 - 1400
1902 Date Back 3x10-20 1 - 700
1902 Plain Back 3x10-20 701 - 6891
1929 Type 1 6x10 1 - 400
1929 Type 1 6x20 1 - 85

Bank Presidents and Cashiers

First National Bank Presidents and Cashiers during the National Bank Note Era (1904 - 1930):


  • H. W. Spaulding, 1905-1914
  • John Goodfellow, 1915-1929


  • H. F. Lanphere, 1905-1914
  • H. M. Harris, 1915-1919
  • Carl E. Child, 1920-1929

Other Bank Note Signers

  • There are currently no known Vice President or Assistant Cashier bank note signers for this bank.