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Charles F. Eck in 1941

Charles Franklin Eck (July 7, 1873 – February 18, 1949) served the First National Bank of Miamisburg for over 50 years. He was both cashier and president of the bank at different times in his tenure.


Early life and family

Eck was born on a farm on Bear Creek road and lived there until the age of 14, when his family moved into the city of Miamisburg.[1]He graduated from Miamisburg High School in 1891 and subsequently went to work at the Enterprise Carriage company in the blacksmith shop.

Eck married Ida N. Pansing on June 28, 1899. [2]

Banking career

Eck joined the First National Bank of Miamisburg as a messenger boy in 1891 and became assistant bookkeeper 3 years later. In 1898, Eck was promoted to assistant casher and then to cashier in 1908.[3]

While Eck as cashier and T. V. Lyons was president of the First National Bank of Miamisburg they attended a baseball game together in Cincinnati in 1927. [4]

In 1928, Eck attended a meeting of rural bankers at the Dayton YMCA. [5]He was president of this association at one time.[6]

After the death of T. V. Lyons in 1932, Eck was promoted to president of the First National Bank of Miamisburg. [7]

In addition to his service at the First National Bank of Miamisburg, Eck was also a director of the Mutual Federal Savings and Loan. He also served at least 10 years as that organization's president.[8]

Other career highlights

In 1903, Eck ran for clerk of Miamisburg as a Republican. [9]Eck would serve four terms as village clear in total, retiring in 1910.[10]

Later life and death

Eck died of a heart attack on February 18, 1949. [11]

Bank Officer Summary

During his banking career, Banker Name was involved with the following bank(s): [12]

1929-T1 $10 note signed by Charles F. Eck, Cashier and T. V. Lyons, President.